**Severe Weather Alert**


Due to Winter Storm Stella, portions of the northeast, including Pennsylvania and New York, are experiencing some late-season severe winter weather. Transit/deliveries times (as well as pricing) may be affected by this.  If you already have a vehicle in transit, speak to your rep regarding possible delays; and if you’re a client seeking auto transport services, be sure to talk to your rep regarding longer-than-normal transit times if shipping to/from the Northeast.

Stay safe everyone.

Personal Items during Auto Transport


A frequently asked question by many clients–“can I pack my vehicle with personal belongings?”  The short answer is a resounding NO, but don’t panic just yet.

It’s tempting to be sure, so much space to fill right? The reality is that federal guidelines prohibit loading your vehicle with your personal belongings.  This is a safety risk, as well having the potential for having a driver exceed his weight limitations.  Imagine an auto transport hauler carrying 9-10 vehicles, all packed with items? Houston we have a problem.

The good news is–you can, however, pack a few small items (nothing breakable or of great value) in your trunk space.  Meaning a few clothing items, maybe a suitcase or two, a few small boxes.  Anything above that is not permissible (and dangerous).  Keep in mind this–since personal items are not to be included during a commercial vehicle transport, insurance would obviously not cover these items if damaged or stolen.  Not worth the risk. As a hypothetical–Driver is inspected at weigh station, is penalized for driving over mandated weight limitations.  Cited, fined, possibly held for 72 hours and all vehicles pulled off the truck to be thoroughly inspected.  Not worth the risk just to avoid having to pay that little extra to ship your personal items through a proper shipping agent (FedEx, UPS, USPS) is it?

Personal note: Many auto transport companies will do/say anything to get a client’s business, including saying whatever sounds good to a potential client (“Yes” to any/every thing they ask, afraid to lose possible business).  Why?  You’re just setting yourselves (and us) up for failure if something does go wrong.  So while this may not necessarily be the answer you’re hoping to hear, better things are done above board.  And if a client is willing to roll the dice and chance it (with a company that is willing to break the rules), that’s probably not the client we want to work with to begin with.

We trust our clients to make an informed decision based on actual facts.  We here at Compass Transport know that while me may not get everyone’s business, we’ll work with the right client base, who values honesty and transparency as much as we do. So pack light, if at all, it will save you bigger headaches in the long run.

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Happy transporting!


Prepping Your Vehicle for Transport

car carrier
Prep it before we load it!

Clients frequently ask what they need to do to prepare their vehicle for shipment.  Believe it or not, this is a surprisingly simple process.

When it comes to land-based transport of a vehicle, the requirements for auto transport are less complicated then say, ocean or air transport.  For transport of a vehicle via ocean liner, fluid levels and vehicle weight play a large role and rules need to be adhered to very closely.

However, when it comes to car transport via auto carrier the rules–while still somewhat stringent–are not quite as high.  For example, one question clients typically ask is whether or not the fuel tank needs to be emptied out (or how much fuel is allowed in the car at the time of transport).  The answer is–there is no limit but we don’t suggest filling your tank before the car is shipped.  If you have a vehicle that contains 3/4 tank of gas, there’s not need to empty it out, but by the same token it’s not advisable to go fill it up right before the driver shows up to load your vehicle on the trailer!

This differs from ocean-based transport where clients are required to empty their fuel level below 1/4 of a tank, and in some cases required to empty the vehicle of all fluids before being contanierized.

Another frequent question relates to personal items in the vehicle.  The Department of Transportation clearly states that no personal items should be in the vehicle other than what would normally be there (car seats, umbrellas, radar detectors, etc).  Weight comes into play here once again, as a typical auto transport trailer can carry up to 10 vehicle at a time.  This means possibly 10 cars/trucks, and if all them are carrying extra personal items (clients have requested the ability to load their vehicles with TVs, tables/chairs, boxes of delicate dishware and so on), the truck and driver will clearly exceed their allowable weight.  Drivers are required to pass through inspection stations, keep log books, etc.  If the driver fails inspection (i.e.–comes in over weight) they can be fined, ticketed and even held for 72 hours.  Moral of story, it’s better to follow the rules than roll the dice by allowing a shipper to push the limits of what is allowable.  Ship your personal items separately, you’re much better off, not to mention that most reputable companies won’t allow it!

Your vehicle’s external condition is another important factor when preparing your vehicle for transport.  Upon arrival, your driver will execute a walk-around inspection of your vehicle (very similar to the process involved in renting a vehicle), noting its condition on a bill of lading (a copy of which is provided to you upon pickup).  It’s important that the driver be able to conduct a thorough inspection so having the vehicle somewhat clean is very important.  Not to say that your vehicle needs to be taken to a car wash, but conversely a car covered in mud/dirt, etc. will make it more difficult to get an accurate inspection report result.  This inspection is important as it is proof of your vehicle’s physical condition.

There are, of course, other common sense things such as making sure all 4 tires have air, the vehicle starts, runs, rolls, breaks and steers and so on.

Most of these requirements are fairly cut and dry, but still a very important of the process nonetheless.

Have questions about the car shipping process?  Call us at 281-206-4498 and let us prep you on all the steps required to get your vehicle(s) on their way!  You can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our website.


Floyd Mayweather’s Vehicles Destroyed: Lesson Learned?

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather lost several luxury vehicles when an enclosed trailer transporting his Bentley, 2 Rolls Royces, and a custom Jeep Wrangler burned down to the ground after a truck fire destroyed the entire trailer.

mayweathercars_burned(pic courtesy of TMZ Sports)

Word is the truck was transporting Floyd’s autos from Las Vegas to Miami when something went wrong just outside of Phoenix, Arizona early morning on October 7th….and the entire unit went up in flames.

According to reports, Floyd used his personal car guy to have the vehicles transported, who turned out to be Obi Okeke of Fusion Luxury Motors.  Okeke is not licensed as an auto transport company (carrier or broker), but rather a car “dealer” (meaning he doesn’t personally own truck trailers for transport or even have a license for brokering to individual approved carriers, it’s likely he farms his transport loads out to individual carriers based on his choosing).  Word is there are whispers of arson but that’s clearly all speculation at this point, nothing has been confirmed to that end.

Lesson learned here–even if you’re as wealthy as “Money” Mayweather, it’s probably a good idea to hire an reputable licensed and bonded auto transport company to move your vehicles, instead of your “car guy”.  Hopefully Mr. Okeke did his due diligence when checking on the carrier’s excess cargo coverage (the amount that will cover vehicles in case of damage), or this could be very messy.  We’ll follow the story to see where it all ends up.

Hey “Money”, next time you need your vehicles transported why not give us a call?

Compass Transport is a leading provider of nationwide auto transport services. Our priority is a seamless car shipping service in the fastest and safest manner possible.

Our customers include individuals relocating anywhere within the US, car collectors, corporate relocation moves, dealerships, the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, military personnel and many more…

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Auto Transport–Trick or Treat?

It’s October, time for tricks and/or treats!  The kiddos in costume, knocking on your door looking to fill their bags with goodies…

Meanwhile, it’s up to the adults to avoid a scare, but not when it comes to pixie sticks and lollipops.  We’re talking about the frightening concept of hiring an auto transport company to move your vehicle.  The car shipping process is not something to be taken lightly; it’s extremely important that you do your research when selecting a car shipping company to transport your precious cargo.

For some who have never had their vehicle moved, the selection process is almost a blind pick.  Empower yourself to be informed and educated on the company(s) potentially moving your auto.  Start by checking a company’s history, check their BBB rating, Angie’s List rating, their auto transport reviews from sites like Google Local/Plus, TransportReviews.com, Yahoo, Superpages, YP, Ripoff Reports and so on.  Most importantly, get on the phone and talk to someone in person.  An online quote doesn’t come close to giving you the whole story.  We all have an internal instinct that tells us almost immediately when you’re dealing with someone you shouldn’t be.  Trust your instincts, ask questions and get a feel for who you’re dealing with.  This is invaluable when it comes to making the correct choice.

Don’t be tricked this Halloween! Make sure you do the research to ensure your auto transport is a treat this year.

Compass Transport is a leading provider of nationwide auto transport services. Our priority is a seamless car shipping service in the fastest and safest manner possible.

Our customers include individuals relocating anywhere within the US, car collectors, corporate relocation moves, dealerships, the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, military personnel and many more.

Compass is currently rated 4.9/5 on Google Local (27 reviews), 5/5 stars on Yahoo!, YP.com, TransportReviews.com, Superpages, InsiderPages, an “A+” BBB rating, and an “A” rating on Angie’s List.

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Benefits of Auto Transport to or from Houston

Benefits of Auto Transport to or from Houston


No Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

One of the dangers of driving your vehicle when moving to a new city is the wear and tear that can be put on it.  Hundreds or thousands of miles driving state-to-state can greatly increase the amount of use, wearing down vital components, not to mention the every day dangers like flat tires, dead batteries, etc.   The alternative is utilizing an auto transport service to secure your precious cargo and handle the move–without one mile be added to your vehicle.

Less Chance for Accidents/Damage

Another good reason to use auto transport to or from Houston when relocating is the ability to lessen the possibility of having an accident or causing damage to your vehicle(s) while driving hundreds or thousands of miles to your new destination.  With every new city and highway, the hours and hours of driving, parking at various locations throughout your journey, steadily increase the opportunity for accidents and/or damage to occur.  The smart choice is to utilize a professional auto transport service to or from Houston.

Cost Effective by Comparison

When adding up the various costs associated with moving your vehicle to or from Houston, auto transport ends up being almost equal in cost as opposed to doing it on your own.  Considering the minimal price difference, having someone else handle your auto transport is practically a no-brainer.  Think of the considerable time and inconvenience you are spared leaving your Houston auto move to professionals.  Your car (or cars) are placed on an auto transport trailer and safely shipped into or out of Houston.

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Advantages of Auto Transport, Car Shipping Services

Advantages of Using Car Shipping and Auto Transport Services

Car shipping or auto transport services are mainly used for transporting an automobile from one home to another, typically when one family moves to another place of residency. It can be quite a difficult decision for you to hire auto transport services, but using this type of service actually offers benefits. In reality, it provides you with undeniable advantages that you are typically unaware of.

A good auto transport company is a company that provides you with very good transportation facilities that can definitely transfer your automobile safely from your old home to your new home. Before you choose a transportation company that you want to hire, it is important that you first consider the benefits that this service can provide.

Here are some of the many benefits that car shipping and auto transport services can offer.

Saves time and money

First and foremost the benefit that this service can offer you is saving time and money. There are many transportation companies available in the market and most of them offer their services at very competitive costs. These fees are costs for fuel, for traveling and some motel expenses which are very cheap. When you think about it, it is smarter for you to hire shipping companies and pay some petty cash than be burdened by the long hours of travel. If you are moving, then you wouldn’t need to deal with your car anymore and just focus on the more important things at hand.

You can decide how you want your vehicle to travel

Hiring an auto transport service to transfer your car opens much cheaper ways of travel for you. Open or enclosed transport services are available to you.  Transporting your car, you won’t have to think in the meantime about fuel fees and other travel expenses. You just have to be sure to have checked on all the options before you decide on what means auto transport you will utilize. It should be safe and offer you the comfort of knowing so that you’ve chosen the right option, feeling relaxed and confident.

Less stress and headaches

Of course, one of the benefits that hiring car shipping services can offer you is reduced stress and headaches. We all know how stressing moving can be. With all the things that need to be taken care of from your old home to new home, there are things that you need to organize. With all these, you really need your car transferred with shipping services so that you won’t have to deal with it anymore. Letting go of that responsibility with your car for only some time will allow you to relax a bit and focus on the much more important things that you need to do.

Moving to a new residence is truly stressful and can be quite hard especially if you still need to take care of your car along with other things. With car shipping and auto transport services, you’ll get some things off your shoulder for sometime while you take care of the pressing matters at hand.

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Gas Prices Back Up?

Gas prices continue to creep up in the month of February, but not enough to have an impact on auto transport rates in the car shipping sector.

From NBCNews.com:

Data from the American Automobile Association (AAA) said average gas prices across the country have increased for the last seven days in a row and will likely will keep moving upward. That uptick comes after a record 123-day period of steady declines, the organization said.Fuel prices have dropped more than a dollar per gallon in a single year, from an average of $3.30 per gallon in January 2014 to $2.11 last month — the cheapest monthly average since April 2009.

The price jump results from refinery issues and more stable crude oil costs, according to the AAA. Refineries begin an annual “maintenance season” around this time of year, which typically cuts production and accounts for a slight bump in prices. This year, however, customers should expect pump prices to increase between 30-50 cents per gallon between early February and the middle of spring—slightly higher than the 22-cent average seasonal jump seen in the last five years.

Recent strikes by refinery workers may have some small impact as well, but prices will likely stay well below record highs seen in years past.

Communication is Key

One of the most prized assets that we all possess is the ability to communicate!  It is key in so many relationships, and that includes the business of car shipping.

One of the reasons we’ve seen a great deal of positive feedback (and subsequently referrals) from our clients is our ability to communicate the details (both big and small) to our client base.  Sometimes clients ask questions regarding the auto transport process, looking for a specific answer.  Rather than give you the answer you want to hear, we prefer to give you the honest, up-front, completely transparent answer.  We want to give you as much detail as possible about the process, then allow you to make the decision for yourself on how best to proceed.  We often take an advisory role–“Here’s the best and worst case, and here is our advice”.  The point being the more communication about how the process works, the better it is for all of us.  No surprises, no over promising, no unreal expectations.

Now, having said that, it’s also pertinent to point out that communication from you–the client–is just as important!  There are many things that can affect your transport, specifics that are unique to each individual auto transport.  Things such as specific date(s) that are necessary for your timeline (needs to be picked up before…, can’t arrive before/after…), details at pick up and/or delivery that are specific to your auto move (contact persons, communication details, address details such as a remote area, a narrow road, etc.) and so on.

Knowing that some of our clients are doing this for the first time, we realize that you may not anticipate all of the necessary details, so we ask as many questions as possible.  Of course, if there’s something tugging at you that you feel may be important–don’t be afraid to ask!  We’re here to guide you through the process to make things as smooth as is humanly possible.

Communication is most definitely a two-way street, the more there is from both sides, the better it is for all involved!

To coin a phrase–“the devil is in the details”.

Have questions about the auto transport process?  Need a quote?  Ready to get moving?  Call us now at 866-368-0384!

Northeast Bracing for ‘Historic’ Snowstorm

Another winter weather update, again in the Northeast, that may affect auto transport times to/from that area:

From Fox News/AP–

The Northeast is bracing for a crippling snowstorm that the National Weather Service called “potentially historic” and could dump 2 to 3 feet of snow from northern New Jersey to Connecticut.

“This could be a storm the likes of which we have never seen before,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Sunday.

During the news conference De Blasio held up a list of the city’s top 10 snowstorms and said this one could land at the top of a list that goes back to 1827. “Don’t underestimate this storm. Prepare for the worst,” he said as he urged residents to plan to leave work early Monday.

A blizzard warning was issued for New York and Boston and the National Weather Service said the storm could bring heavy snow and powerful winds starting Monday and into Tuesday.

“Commuters should consider working from home on Monday if possible to avoid disruptions from likely road and public transportation closures,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement. “New York State is taking all necessary precautions to prepare for this storm, and I urge residents to put safety first and plan ahead to protect themselves and others throughout the duration of this snowstorm.”

Boston is expected to get 18 to 24 inches of snow, and Philadelphia could see 14 to 18 inches.

“There’s the potential for a significant snowstorm to impact the entire Northeast U.S.,” meteorologist Patrick Maloit said.

Areas east of New York City could receive in excess of a foot of snow if the storm develops as feared, he said, stressing that’s still “a big if.”

According to the flight tracking site FlightAware, around 1,400 flights scheduled for Monday are expected to be cancelled.

Preparations large and small were in effect elsewhere in New York. A Manhattan Home Depot store sold about twice as many shovels over the weekend as it normally does while transit officials hoping to keep the subways running smoothly planned to use modified subway cars loaded with de-icing fluid to spray the third rail that powers trains.

Farther north, a blizzard warning was issued for Boston from Monday night through early Wednesday. Wind gusts of 60 mph or more are possible on Cape Cod, forecasters said.

Wyatt Baars, manager of the Charlestown Ace Hardware in Boston, sold out of his bags of ice-melting pellets. But he said a New Hampshire distributor is helping him and delivering more.

“Everybody is preparing for the storm,” he said. “When we have something this big on the horizon, everybody comes in for the ice melt, snow shovels, snow brooms.”

Snow plow driver Al Laplant expected to be out clearing roads of Simsbury, Connecticut, this week, just as he has for more than two decades.

“We’ll be out there until the storm’s over and then at least three hours after cleaning up,” he said as he attended a home show in Hartford. “We’ll be out there through the whole storm.”

But even for a plow driver, the snow is no cakewalk.

“It’s kind of exhilarating,” he said. “But at the same time, I’ve been doing it for 27 years, so I’m kind of tired of it myself.”

The storm, which brewed late Saturday around the Iowa-Minnesota line, is likely to track down into the central Appalachians and then very slowly traverse its way through the Northeast states and reach the Gulf of Maine late Tuesday night, he said. The slow movement of the storm, he said, could help produce quite a bit of snowfall and blizzard-like or blizzard conditions: at least three hours of wind gusts of 35 mph or greater and visibility of less than a quarter of a mile because of snow or blowing snow.

The storm could stall before it tracks out to sea, bringing high wind, heavy precipitation and the potential for coastal flooding, the National Weather Service said. It would be the second wallop for the Northeast after what happened Saturday, when a storm crawling up the East Coast left a slushy, snowy coating from Pennsylvania to New England.

The storm dumped at least 9 inches of snow in parts of Pennsylvania and 8 inches in parts of New York, northern New Jersey and northwestern Connecticut, with widespread reports of more than 4 inches in inland areas across southern New England. Lighter amounts were reported in Philadelphia, Boston and New York City, where the snowfall stopped Saturday evening.

About 8 inches of snow fell in far eastern Maine before the storm moved out late Saturday night.

Numerous accidents were reported on the slick roads, but there were no major highway backups in the lighter weekend traffic. Police in Connecticut and Massachusetts were investigating the weather’s role in traffic accidents that killed two people Saturday afternoon.

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