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Compass Transport currently assists hundreds of clients in transporting their children's vehicles to and from state college campuses nationwide. We'd like to add you to our growing list of clients who continue to place their trust--and their vehicles--in our capable hands.

Transporting cars coast to coast is their forte and what we do, and we take every vehicle transport seriously. Transporting cars to/from your college student keeps them out of harm’s way. Car shipping with Compass is the safe and economical choice to move that vehicle from point A to point B, you save on gas, food, travel expenses, and most importantly, protect your child from the hazards of the long road ahead. There is no reason to risk damage to your child or their vehicle, having them drive the vehicle as opposed to shipping the auto through a qualied auto shipper like Compass Transport. Imagine now you having the added cost of inflated insurance premiums when using a car shipping company would have alleviated all of these issues.

Transit times on your vehicle transport can vary. For cross country auto transport (2000-3000 miles), the amount of time needed for shipping is usually about 7-9 days. For middle distances (1000-1900 miles), the time needed will be between 3-6 days, and for shorter distances (i.e.-instate shipping, or distances of 150-900 miles) the time needed is typically 1-3 days. These times may vary depending on the state to state. This general timing guide should be helpful when you are planning the transport of your vehicle.

Moving off to college is a big step in everyone's lives, including mom and dads. There is enough stress in the planning and packing process, so why add to it? Don't take any chances by having your child drive their vehicle across country. Compass Transport is the safe and economical choice to move that vehicle from home to college (and when the semester ends, back home). Save on gas, food, travel expenses, and--more importantly--protect your child from the hazards of the long road ahead.


Navigating your way through the car transport process can be time consuming and risky if you hire the wrong company. Let us save you time and worry by answering any questions you may have about car shipping services. We are here to guide you through the process and make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We here at Compass Transport are in the business of handling your vehicle transport needs down to the finest detail. Check our Knowledge Base (FAQ) for answers to your questions or contact us at 1-888-368-0384. You can also send us an e-mail at